Afolabi Euba

Principal Counsel

Professional Biography


Direct Tel (1): +234 (0) 805 158 2561
Direct Tel (2): +44 (0) 77 668 33073


  • LLB. (Hons) (1993) University of Wales
  • M.Phil (1996) Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge
  • Bar Vocational Course (PgDip.Law) (1999) Inns of Court School of Law, London

Bar Admissions

  • Admitted to the Bar of England and Wales at the Inner Temple: 1999
  • Admitted as an Attorney in the State of New York: 2002
  • Admitted as a Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria: 2012 

Professional memberships

  • Nigerian Bar Association
  • Honorary Society of the Inner Temple
  • American Bar Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Amnesty International
  • Lawyers for Liberty 

Awards and Publications

Nigerian Court of Appeal rules that Courts cannot grant injunctions to restrain arbitral proceedings, published on 31 July 2013, Practical Law, UK
The Principle of Limited Court Intervention Survives in Nigeria….But how far will the courts go? Published on 2 August 2013, Kluwer Arbitartion Blog
Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited v Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Oando OML 125 & 134: Nigerian Court of Appeal on injunction to prevent arbitration proceedings, published on 9 April 2014, Practical Law, UK.


Soccer; bowling; cricket; debating; travelling; politics; volunteering.

Afolabi is a Barrister (England & Wales); Barrister and Solicitor (Nigeria) and Attorney (New York) with extensive international experience as an advocate, and in providing other legal services to individuals and companies across three jurisdictions, namely in England and Wales, in Nigeria, and in New York in the United States. He served as Counsel to the Department of Works & Pensions in England and to the Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs dealing with complex revenue matters. His experience includes managing an active arbitration portfolio while he was in house to a British FTSE 500 company. He regularly conducts advisory and litigation work in complex matters for leading oil companies, banks, and other multinationals. He was until recently a Senior Associate at the firm of Aluko & Oyebode in Lagos.

Afolabi is well conversed in Nigerian, English and New York law. He led the defence in HMRC-v- Remi Fakorede and Denise Sofowale-Coker, a £1, 000,000 very complex tax fraud case in England which gained extensive media coverage. He has expertise in a wide range of matters, having worked in a variety of places, ranging from a small firm, to a large corporate firm, to in house for a major European company, and as a Barrister in a Barristers’ Chambers in London. This varied experience has provided him with a rare insight into the requirements of various types of clients, and with the tools he needs to tackle the most complex legal problems that arise, whether these require court action, or simply involve the drafting of contractual or procedural documents, or in providing legal advice to big corporations or individuals. His work now encompasses a combination of corporate and litigation matters, and increasingly in entertainment law.

Afolabi was called at the Inner Temple as a Barrister in England and Wales in 1999, and admitted to the New York Bar in 2002 and the Nigerian Bar in 2012. He graduated with an excellent Second Upper in Law from the University of Wales, and holds a “High Pass” Master of Philosophy Degree from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University. He trained at one of the leading Chambers in England. He regularly represents clients on a pro bono basis, and is an approved member of the Free Representation Unit. The Inns of Court School of Law in London awarded him a commendation of Very Competent.

Examples of experience:

  • Advised on the statutory liabilities of Railtrack in Railtrack Plc-v-Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council:-arbitration resulting in successful contractual claims concerning the construction of the then new commonwealth Stadium, Manchester
  • Advised on statutory liabilities of Railtrack in Railtrack v Manchester City Council-appeal against MCC’s stipulation that Railtrack must comply with building regulations, notwithstanding s4 Building Act 1984;
  • Advised and represented the Brazilian multinational energy corporation, Petroleo Brasileiro SA in a dispute worth over USD 2,000,000 concerning an Oil Production Contract and an Oil Prospective Licence in Nigeria;
  • Advised the UK’s largest industrial supplier, Caterpillar UK in relation to contractual liabilities in Nigeria;
  • Advised and represented Microsoft (Nigeria) Ltd and the Microsoft Corporation (USA) on employment law matters in Nigeria;
  • Successfully undertook proceedings on behalf of the Securities Exchange Commission;
  • Advised and successfully represented MTN in proceedings at the Federal High Court;
  • Advised and successfully represented Access Bank Plc in proceedings at the Federal High Court;
  • Advised and successfully represented Accion Microfinance Bank Limited in court proceedings at the Lagos State High Court obtaining judgment in favour of Accion;
  • Advised and successfully represented AMCON in court proceedings valued at N1,000,000,000 ((One Billion Naira) at the Lagos State High Court;
  • Advised and represented Tetra Pak (West Africa) Limited
  • Advised and represented AGIP in court proceedings at the Federal High Court, Lagos.
  • Led the Knowledge Management Team and the Publications Unit with supervisory and mentoring responsibilities.

Notable Cases

  • HMRC v Remi Fakorede and Denise Shofolawe-Coker, trial ( for defence)
  • R-v-Anthony Maul, trial ( for defence)
  • R-v-Joseph Molofe and others, trial ( for defence);
  • R-v-Harris-Rassu and others, trial (for defence);
  • R-v- Singh, trial (for defence);
  • HMRC-v- Thompson, trial (for Her Majesty’s Commissioners);
  • HMRC-v-Olumegbon, trial ( for Her Majesty’s Commissioners);
  • Lloyd Boateng –v -Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis-trial (for the Appellant);
  • Fanrborough Van Hire v 131 Direct Ltd, trial (for the Claimant);
  • Ardakani -v –BMW, trial (for the Claimant)
  • HMRC- v -Malcolm & Alan Bishton, trial (for Her Majesty’s Commissioners)
  • The Queen- v- Ade Ashimi, trial (for the Crown)
  • The Queen-v- Louise Emma Thompson & others, trial (for defence)
  • In the matter of an application for judicial review-The Queen-on the Application of Annette Nabelembeka v The Secretary of State for the Home Department (acting for the Applicant);
  • The Queen v Bebe Mitchell & Ors, trial (for the Crown)
  • In the matter of an application for Judicial Review and Appeal by way of case stated: The Queen on the application of Bebe Mitchell -v -Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court (for the Crown)
  • R-v- Rose Birungi, trial (for Defence)
  • R-v-Lorraine Tshuma, trial (for Defence)
  • R-v-Gorman, trial (for Defence)
  • R-v-Jean Pierre Neale, trial (for Defence)
  • R-v Audi Johnson, trial (for the Crown)
  • HMRC-v-Mason, trial (for Her Majesty’s Commissioners)